Hyundai Motorstudio x ARS ELECTRONICA

human (un)limited


Invited by HYUNDAI MOTORSTUDIO and ARS ELECTRONICA, YOUYANGSONG was invited to showcase her Material Innovation in human (un)limited exhibition -a series of exhibitions from November 19 in Beijing, from November 22 in Seoul, from November 27 in Moscow.

“human (un)limited“ is the second joint exhibition project of Hyundai Motorstudio and Ars Electronica, dedicated to the human success story and its possible next chapters. At the centre of this artistic-scientific research are the people themselves, our weaknesses and strengths, and our eternal search for our place in the world. “human (un)limited” deals with the limits that we encounter as individuals and as a society, the limits that we impose on ourselves, and the limits that we seek to push out and overcome.