Youyang Song





Youyang Song, textile designer. She is always passionate about innovating gaming-changing technology and ideas in the new material industry.

She devotes herself in developing new biodegradable material, innovating and improving new material production technology as well as designing new-material related merchandises. 

She aims to establish a viable and complete ecosystem of bio-degradable material related products and she focuses on creating an eco-friendly, sustainable development business model with a zero-waste, zero pollution guideline. 

Her project will introduce new methods, new mindsets as well as new inspirations, challenge existing routine, and thus revolutionize the whole material and fashion-related industries.


As partners, Youyang Song brings insights and sustainability into creativity for industrial cooperations, Institutes and other Design Studios who care about the environment as we do.

Objectives of our co-creation services include and not limited to fashion products, accessories, automobile interiors, furniture, installations and packaging etc.


MUNICH FABRIC START / München, Germany / 2020

»CRITICAL ZONES«  ZKM | Center for Art and Media / Karlsruhe / Germany / 2020

Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing x ARS ELECTRONICA Exhibition / China / 2019

Potentiale messe & Festival / Austria / 2019

DDW / Eindhoven, The Netherlands / 2019

Salone Del Mobile, German Design Council / Milan, Italy /2019

Neue Textile Welten im gestalterischen Kontext / Chemnitz, Germany /2019

Designers ‘ Open / Leipzig, Germany /2018

eMove360° Europe 2018_Internationale Fachmesse für Mobilität 4.0 Und Urban & Mobile Design / München, Germany / 2018


Re-Fream 2019 International design platform with partnership from the European Union/ Winner 

DesignFarmBerlin-Design in Tech Accelerator/ Scholarship Holder

Ein&zwanzig 2019 World’s finest design talents / Winner

MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2018, Best Of-Award

Green Concept Award2018

“DaLian” cup China 2014 Young Fashion Designer Prize