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Cooking New Materials

 Film : Yawn Deng

“Cooking new materials” is an independently developed technique which aims to process bio-waste into a soft but yet robust leather-like material. The seemingly useless food wastes will reborn with a second life. Banana and orange peel or soy-milk are combined with a natural binding agent as the substrate. The resulting composite is fully biodegradable and can be easily reused after the re-cooking process. It is a 100% bio-degradable, zero waste natural product. Moreover, the bio-material provides similar toughness, durability and water resistance as normal leather material, especially it conserves fruitiness smell, refined texture and feels very good on touch.

We came up with this concept by observing the life of conventional textile and we find out that there are great potentials by using bio-wastes and create a brand-new biodegradable new material. On top of that, by recycle, redesign and remanufacture, we would like to create an ecosystem which promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

Our focus is not only in practicability but also the aesthetics and nature of environment-friendly, they are not merely conserving the environment but more help to restore the environment. Our material sets new insights and outlooks for modern lifestyles,proper of those who want to fully enjoy the products they use on a daily basis in complete respect for the environment. 

material from bananapeel

material from bananapeel

material from sojabean 

material from bananapeel

material from sojabean, color from indigo

material from sojabean, color from indigo

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