Touch me,Touch me now /2017SS


We live in a society in which the failure to understand complex relationships seems to find its way out in affects. Fear, enthusiasm, empathy. In echo chambers and the mutual reinforcement of opinions, in swarm-like movements within information networks, in references and links, in the Like and in the article headers in our News Feed, we act with affect. Joy, despair, anger. Is the world too big, to just think it? Contrary to Descartes‘ „cogito ergo sum“, we can assume that knowledge is based not only on cognitive processes, but also on our emotions. I feel therefore I am. Disgust, interest, shame.

Is the strong turn to the affects a result of an performance society which potentially suppresses affects What kind of attention should be paid to these affects? Should they be exposed, undermined, made use of? The ability to be affected and to affect others requires openness, needs movement and encounter. What are the consequences of mood, feeling, and emotion? Participation, impasse, corruption? Which personal emotional situations are triggered by prevalent structures?


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